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     Ben Sharkey has been selling drawings and paintings since he was 11 years old. Sharkey, a successful songwriter and recording artist, attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, where he received a B.F.A. in Digital Animation and Multimedia. While studying digital arts, he continued painting and working with interior designers from around the Metro Detroit area, such as the Michigan Design Center in Troy, David & Davis Home, and Jones Keena in Birmingham. In 2005, Sharkey exhibited at the Chapman House in Rochester, which brought a number of new commissioned clients. In 2012, Sharkey exhibited his Doll Face series at the N’Nambdi gallery in Detroit. The show sold all nine 6’x4’ oil paintings of larger than life composites of female celebrity faces which the proportions  were painted as a commentary of beauty in media and contemporary culture. Today, his work is on display at several local businesses, and private residences around the U.S. His next exhibition “Invisible Gentlemen” is a work in progress with prints becoming available as they finish.

Please visit BENSHARKEY.ART  to order prints.

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